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Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran

Islamic Utility apps, The Holy Quran, Adhan times and more function.


✔ Warning in Times Athan

✔ Reminder before entering Times

✔ Automatic mute in Times

✔ Read verses autofocus to follow

✔ Hijri Day and Month

✔ Tracking auto kadha

✔ for Tesbihat . ( Related Objects automatically switched)

✔ Prayer of Supplication And Time

✔ Hijri calendar converter

✔ Weather

✔ Online tracking Kaaba

✔ 5-Year Important Religious Day And Night

✔ Automatic mute in Masjeeds

✔ Based on your location from GPS ( satellite ) time to calculate

✔ Religious Objects Or Monthly downloads a month with their ability to work without internet

✔ Qibla Compass

✔ Find nearby mosque (Google Service )

✔ Amal Book App

✔ Religious available at the site of countries, cities and Counties

✔ 21 languages support

✔ Automatic work in the background

✔ Downloadable content has been minimized with the program size

✔ Wake Sahor

✔ Reminder fasting Monday to Thursday

✔ Friday Prayer Reminder

✔ Qiblah Map

✔ Alerts multiple audio options for options

✔ separately for each prayer time and to select the sound

✔ The Fellowship of Prayer .

✔ All the Qur’an. Voice

✔ Hatim Online Sharing ( Verse , Time , Page, Juz Based)

✔ Feature Wake up to the morning prayer

✔ Library


Self Learning Quran


Halal Tech Eco System

Ramadan Prayer Times

Special Ramadan alarm and note taking feature


✔ Sahur and Iftar time warnings

✔ Iftar prayer

✔ Adding notes to the days

✔ Monthly imsakiye

✔ You can play Ramadan Drums by shaking your phone

✔ You can send a greeting card on special days and nights with the greeting card feature.

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